Our commitment to quality

All products made by Cel Cablaggi, based in Bologna and in business since 1969, are manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 management system standard.

We have been focusing on the quality of our wiring harnesses for several years. This has allowed us to achieve an extremely low number of non-compliant wiring harnesses per year, almost all of which were identified before delivery to the customer. This is an extraordinary result and has been achieved by the harnesses undergoing several stages of stringent and efficient quality control procedures.

Each stage of processing follows a precise protocol that involves specific methods of preparing, manufacturing, controlling, packaging and shipping of the order. Inspections are carried out after each process: cutting, sheath removal, stripping, marking and crimping. These processes are carried out using automatic or semi-automatic machines supervised by operators that carry out dimensional checks and visual inspections. Various aspects of the crimping stage, which is the most complex of the entire process, require careful monitoring, such as the tightness of the connection and the crimping heights, which are checked with micrometric precision.

Other checks are carried out at the assembly stage. These are carried out at random, with greater frequency for the initial batches, which is the most useful for identifying and quickly correcting any defects.

Any non-conformities are corrected immediately and reassigned to the batch. In extremely rare cases where the customer reports a non-conformity, we evaluate what action to take together with the customer according to the characteristics of the harness and the application. In any case, we replace the wiring harness. In extreme cases, when the situation or time constraints do not allow a replacement to be sent, we can provide on-site assistance.

When designing and manufacturing its electrical and electronic wiring harnesses Cel Cablaggi carries out stringent quality control procedures on the finished harness which guarantees a safe, reliable and immediately functional product.


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