We aim to achieve the highest possible quality in each department, at each stage of production and from each type of process in order to supply high performance wiring harnesses that are ready for immediate use. However, our idea of quality goes beyond the product and it drives the way we do business: listening to the customer, input when reviewing a project, internal collaboration and supplier relations.

Human resources
C.E.L. Cablaggi can count on a close-knit team and we work in a genuinely constructive and cooperative environment. In recent years, a very low turnover has allowed us to focus more and more on teamwork, mutual understanding and to develop increasingly specific, but also increasingly integrated skills.

Customer satisfaction
Quality also means being attentive to customer relations, with a view to providing proactive advice on every aspect of our field of expertise and fulfilling agreements and meeting agreed delivery times for the finished product. Our advanced technical skills allow us to understand each electrical project more completely and to suggest improvements in terms of efficiency, optimizations and simplifications.

We carry out in-depth research and very stringent tests on the wide range of wiring harnesses, connectors and electrical and electronic components that we supply and stock. Our aim is to give the customer the assurance of being able to count on a strong, reliable and high performance product that is ready for immediate use.

Quality materials and workmanship
For many years, the number of non-compliant wiring harnesses produced has been virtually zero. This result has been achieved through the commitment of everyone and investments in quality control procedures. Today these procedures are part of a structured and reliable system for monitoring materials and processes.

Added value
We have considerable experience in various sectors of industry (especially the automotive sector) which we have been working with on a daily basis for decades, in some cases since our company was founded. In over fifty years of business, we have experimented with every type of electrical product available on the market to create a warehouse that also stocks very specific and thoroughly tested alternatives.

We have also increased the number of processes that can be used, which are innovatively combined as required to provide the most suitable wiring harness with the characteristics required by the system it will be used in. These aspects often make the difference, both in terms of general expertise and in terms of the quality of the assembled wiring harness.

Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
This is the reference standard used for defining the requisites, actions and processes required to design, implement and maintain an effective quality management system over time. This standard places the customer and customer satisfaction as the goal of every single activity and every process in any area or department of the entire company organization.

International Material Data System
This is a global data repository that contains information on materials used by the automotive industry. It was jointly developed by Audi, BMW, Daimler, DXC, Ford, Opel, Porsche, VW and Volvo. Other manufacturers have since joined the group and IMDS has become a global standard used by many OEMs throughout the world All materials used in automobile manufacturing are collected, maintained, analysed and archived in the IMDS. IMDS makes it easier for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers to meet the obligations set by national and international standards, laws and regulations.


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